GenX – not to be confused with Generation X!

Jeff and I started hearing ‘GenX’ mentioned in the news after we moved to Wilmington in November 2017, but we didn’t pay too much attention to it.   After all, what is new to report on Generation X?   After about two weeks, we started to focus on the news stories.   City Council meetings were all discussing this mysterious GenX.  Apparently the Cape Fear River is being contaminated by a chemical compound called GenX,  and it is polluting our water source.  What what?!   That got our attention.  Locals were telling us to drink tap water at our own peril.  Get a reverse osmosis filtration system, that is the only thing that will work on this chemical.    What the heck have we walked into here?   Apparently there are several chemical companies ‘up the river’ in Fayetteville that were/are dumping into the Cape Fear River.   As of November 2017, Chemours  is no longer dumping waste into the river, but there are still trace amounts of GenX showing up in the water.  There are two other companies in Fayetteville who continue to dump chemical waste into the Cape Fear River.  Needless to say, we use bottled water for drinking, brushing teeth and for our pets.  We don’t know the long range effects of drinking the water, time will tell.

What happens now and how bad is it really? Check out this article by StarNews Online:

#GenX #ILM #waterissues



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