Tarot Readings

Have you ever had a Tarot reading before?  If so, were you amazed by the revelations?  If you’ve never had a reading, do you ever wish for a means of predicting events or receiving guidance for a particular problem?   Tarot card readings are uncannily accurate about current or future events.  I’ve been a Tarot reader since 2009, and I’m constantly amazed by readings, as are my clients.  Sometimes they resonate immediately,  other times I get a call or email several weeks or even months later and everything I saw in the cards was true.  The key to a successful reading is to keep an open mind.

Individual, in person, Tarot readings are $40 for a 30 minute session or $80 for a  60 minute session (Pendulum divination included in 60 minute session).   I can also offer a remote, personal Tarot reading for $50.

To schedule a reading, please email karrie@karriew.com

Readings are also fun for casual parties, business events or just a gathering of your friends.   If interested in having readings for your guests, please email me at karrie@karriew.com and provide me with the event particulars (date/time/number of guests) and we can discuss rates.

I look forward to offering an insight into your future!










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