Dreams of Deceased Loved Ones or Visitations

Have you had a deceased relative or friend appear in a dream?  Was it a vivid dream that you still remember?  Most dreams are forgotten immediately after waking, but dream visitations are dreams you won’t soon forget…

My father passed away a few months after my Past Life Regression.  While I was sad at his passing and missed him terribly, I was comforted to know that he was free from pain and I would see him again one day.  I didn’t realize how soon I would see him.   A week after he passed away, he visited me for the first time in a dream.  Since then he has appeared in numerous dreams.  It’s almost like he never left. Almost.

We had a family celebration at my parent’s house the week after my father died, over Labor Day weekend. It was heartwarming to reminisce about my father and the funny things he used to say and do.  I always described my father to friends as Alan Hale’s character, the Captain, on Gilligan’s Island.  He was goofy and was Alan Hale’s doppelganger.

When I was working out sleeping arrangements with my mother earlier in the evening, she offered up the room my father used his last few years of his illness. Sorry, but I couldn’t bring myself to sleep in my father’s sick bed a week after his passing!  I respectively declined and said I would sleep on the sofa.  My mother then offered up her room and she would sleep in his bed.  That night, as I was sleeping in the bedroom that was my parent’s room for a good 50 years, I had very vivid dreams about my father.  I can still remember every detail.

One indication that your dream was a visitation by a loved one, are details that you can remember long after waking.  Most dreams fade within five minutes, which is why you should keep a dream journal next to your bed.

In the first dream, my family was gathered on the patio having a cookout and celebrating my father’s life. I was sitting, talking to my mother, and my father walked into the scene.  He looked great, probably twenty years younger (he was 84 when he passed), and he had a spring in his step.   It was surprising to see him since he had just died!  I asked my mother about it, and she said that yes, he had died, but they revived him and sent him back home.  I accepted that explanation and didn’t think anything more about it.

I don’t recall any specific interaction with my father in that first dream, just that he appeared and looked younger, happy and energetic.

In the second dream, I was sitting at the kitchen table, again, with my mother, and my father walked in from the back of the house to grab his keys off the kitchen counter. I remember him saying that he ‘forgot his keys’.  He was dressed in a black suit and a black fedora, like photos I had seen him in back in the 50’s or 60’s.  He just smiled, grabbed his keys, and left again.  It was good to see him, even for a brief moment.

After I returned home, I had a few more dreams where my father made cameo appearances, like what I experienced at my parent’s house. Then, about mid-October, I had two, very chilling dreams…


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