My Spiritual Journey

I have always been intrigued by Spirituality and the Mystical. I’m not sure when it all started, but it might have been when I was very young – maybe 5 years old – when I heard murmurs in my room in the hours of darkness. More specifically, they were gathered above the door to my bedroom and started after the lights were out and everyone was settled for the night.  The murmuring disoriented me and disturbed me.  I couldn’t hear any specific words, just whispers. I just wanted it to stop.  I couldn’t keep calling my mother into the room to sit with me until I fell asleep – she was exhausted at the end of her day, a busy mother of six kids.  Somehow, not sure exactly what I did to change things, it stopped after a while.  Maybe my Guardian Angel had pity on a scared little girl.

I managed to block that disturbing time out of my life for decades.

Growing up Catholic, but with a mother and grandmother who were in tune with their Celtic roots, we heard about ghosts of dead relatives visiting during stressful times and we were taught to pray to our Guardian Angels to protect us while we slept. This early exposure, and the ensuing years of nurturing, has culminated in the Spiritual Evolution of my soul.

What follows is my journey there…


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