Manifesting your Dream Life:  As Easy as “Open Sesame”

Have you dreamed of living in a beautiful home in a scenic location? Are you still waiting, wondering when the perfect partner will show up? Or, maybe you are stuck in a dead-end job craving a career you love, while another year ticks off.   Why do these things seem so hard to obtain?  I bet you told yourself, “I’ve never been lucky.  Dreams come true for other people, amazing things never happen to me.”  Well guess what?  YOU can be lucky too!  YOU can have all your dreams come true.  YOUR life can be amazing!

Karla Westphal was born in Perrysburg, Ohio and grew up with five siblings in a beautiful, small town on the Maumee River. She moved to Atlanta in her early 20’s and started working in commercial real estate, a career she has pursued for 30 years. Karla always had a dream of becoming a published author, and would work on a novel off and on over the years. It seemed like an elusive goal.

Manifesting things into her life has always been natural to her, and the idea to share how easy it is to do prompted her to write, and publish, her first book, The Genie Code. Karla, and her long-time boyfriend, Jeff, recently moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where they share a home with two rescue dogs, Miss Bee and Bear, and a tripod cat named Kitty. She shares how she manifested her life living on the East coast in her book, The Genie Code.

When reading other books on manifesting, one thing Karla loved was hearing how it actually worked for the author, not just theories. So in her book, The Genie Code, Karla shares many examples of how manifesting worked to create her dream life and how she made it happen for her.

The Genie Code



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