Past Life Regression Part 2

In Part 1 of this Chapter, I explained what lead up to seeking out a Hypnotherapist for a Past Life Regression.  Below is what I experienced…

I was a married woman with two small children, a boy and a girl. My husband and I were working on an estate in what looked like Ireland, maybe in the late 19th or early 20th century.  I was a housekeeper and my husband worked in the stables.  I became this woman and I could see things through her eyes.  It was very strange, but, seemed natural.  Scenes moved forward, in response to questions by my therapist.  Next, I knew that my husband had been killed in an accident in the stables, so now I was in a position of supporting my young family alone. I could feel her emotions of despair and sadness.

Years flipped by like hitting a fast-forward button on a remote. My son was now a teenager and he was telling me he was sailing to America with friends for a new start.  I knew that I would never see him again when he left, and I could feel her heartbreak.  The pain almost took my breath away.

Several things were starting to resonate – why I loathe house cleaning to this day, my fear of having a family and not being able to support them and how I was always able to imagine the pain of losing a child, when I don’t have children of my own.   Did I really experience these things in a past life?  Or was this all my imagination? It seemed very real to me.  I also recognized my brother Ken as my son. Its not that it looked like Ken, more like I recognized his soul.  Very hard to explain, but I just knew.  More on that later in the story.

Things moved forward again. I was now an old woman, living with my daughter and her family.  I was lying in bed looking around me, grateful that I was comfortable at the end, surrounded by my family.  I still mourned the loss of my son to America, but, I knew that I would see him again one day.  The moment I died, I was floating above my body, looking down at it, dispassionately.  I didn’t feel an attachment to it anymore, and my daughter and her family looked like actors on a stage.  No feelings of loss in leaving them.  I could feel myself floating up and up then shooting straight up into the sky.  I became different colors, and, was moving at the speed of light through space.  There was definitely a destination I was heading towards.  I have never felt so free and unencumbered by anything before in my life.  It is very hard to describe the feeling of soaring and having a totally clear mind. Have you ever had a dream of flying?  This experience was similar.  Then, I landed in a place that I would say was my idea of Heaven.

I believe Heaven would look different for each person, sort of like that movie, What Things May Come, with Robin Williams.  My father used to cry whenever he watched that movie.

It was what I imagined ancient Greece or Rome to look like. The light was different than what we have on Earth.  The buildings were marble with columns.  I saw a man walking towards me and he looked like Socrates.  White hair and beard and wearing a white robe or toga.  I recognized him at once as my Spirit Guide, Ethos.  I was so happy to see him again!  I cried and cried and felt like I had come home at last.  I could have stayed with him there forever.  I knew this was where I belonged.  Ethos took me into one of the buildings and we walked down a long corridor.  There were several doors along the way.  My maternal Grandmother Millie popped out of one of the doors and gave me a hug.  She had a huge smile on her face and she looked fantastic.  Exactly how I remembered her when I was a child.  I was so happy to see her again!  He opened a door and we walked in the room.  Inside I recognized my father, my brother Ken, my sister Janine and my other three brothers, Rick, Ron and Jim.  There were several others in the room as well.  Ethos explained that these 10-12 people were in my soul group and that we all had agreed to go through several lives together and swap roles to help each other learn lessons to advance our souls.  If I had multiple life regressions, I would see the roles that those in my soul group have played over the ages.

A better explanation is that you might be a parent in one of your lives and your mother or father in this life might be your child. In my case, my brother Ken was my son in a previous life.  He obviously taught me loss and letting go of those you love.  Everyone has had someone come into their lives and leave for reasons we can’t understand sometimes.  But you need to look at it from a different angle, those people had a role to play in helping you grow your soul, then they had to move on to someone else.  Instead of bitterness or resentment, you should think about the different people who touched your lives, in a good or bad way, and what you learned from the experience.  Oh, and all my communication with Ethos was telepathic, not verbalized.  I know – sounds crazy, but again, it seemed totally natural.

Ethos then took me to a room that resembled an arena. Oval with rows and rows of bench seating and a center stage.  People were filing in, filling up the arena.  All these people would touch my current life in some form or fashion before I died.  I recognized a lot of people from growing up in Ohio and living in Atlanta.  Some I haven’t met yet.  I tried to scan as many of the faces as I could, but some faces were blurred, like I wasn’t meant to see them yet.

He explained that each person consults with their Spirit Guide before they are re-born to decide who their parent’s will be and what lessons needed to be learned. I remember seeing my mother and father sitting on a sofa, they were in their 20’s and 30’s, about their ages when I was born.   They were smiling and saying ‘Choose us!  Choose us!’   Obviously, I liked what I saw, because they became my parents.

Some people, apparently, choose to have multiple lessons to learn in a lifetime just to reach the next level in soul development. Their Spirit Guides try to dissuade them from too much, but it is each soul’s decision.  When this happens, some souls end up not being able to handle all the obstacles and lessons they signed up for, and subsequently commit suicide.  They then have to figure out how to work through those lessons in another lifetime, maybe in smaller doses.  

I asked Ethos who my Guardian Angel was, and he told me his name was Thomas. I didn’t meet Thomas at the time, but as mentioned in the previous chapter, he shows me signs that he is around me.  About this time my therapist started to bring me out of my hypnosis, by walking me back to the tree on the hill.  I opened my eyes and remembered everything that I experienced.

It was a very interesting and unique experience. If you are curious at all about your past lives and what happens when you pass, I highly encourage you to seek out a qualified Hypnotherapist, who specializes in past life regression.  Practice the breathing technique and maybe download a meditation to play while you relax.  This will help get your mind and body used to becoming relaxed enough for hypnosis.

Have a conversation with the Hypnotherapist you choose and let him or her know any concerns you might have. Obviously, I didn’t want to go far enough ahead of the game to see how my current life is going to play out!  Only do what is comfortable for you.  I would love to hear your experiences with regression!

My next chapter will delve into Dreams of Deceased Loved Ones.  Have you had a deceased relative or friend appear in a dream?  Was it a vivid dream that you still remember?  Most dreams are forgotten immediately after waking, but dream visitations are dreams you don’t soon forget…


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